Saturday, August 15, 2009

midwest freedom

The midwest is my home. I am a Hoosier, and I live in a community of people who know way too much about me, what my parents were like at my age, and naturally everyone is in each other's business.

I use to feel pretty constricted but now I'm growing up and doing that whole movie type thing or maybe catcher in the rye moment where you learn to love the places and people that made you in light of the good or struggling times.

I find freedom in the comforts of baking, domesticating myself, writing letters, and looking forward to years of gardening and canning. I'm just a mix of simple but wanting to be reflective, liking deep conversations around the dinner table or kitchen and mixed in with a little liberal arts mindset inspired by the idea of living a meaningful, thoughtful life in a way that God created imaginative beings like me and you.

Every time I begin to start a blog I get pretty ambitious and anxious, wanting to post ten thoughts, items, or inspirations each day, but hopefully this will be a little different something that will grow and remind me, push me to reflect, and also satisfy my constant findings of God, beauty, art, and the little things. No one has ever told you the midwest is so freeing.

(photo via annie janzen)

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