Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I don't think I understand, I'm that girl now? I won a give-a-way. This has never happened. Thank you so much Design Files for your neat little present of Homelove by Megan Morton - I am excited.

Not to mention, I also received a beautiful bouquet of daffodils from my mother last Thursday. Yes, she read my post, but she ordered the flowers a month ago for Cancer Awareness Daffodil Days. Neat, huh? I like them. They are the sun to my room this week.

Other news and tid-bits: I will be posting a silly and lovely video that my staff and I created this weekend in Broad Ripple. The weekend was incredible: I played hostess at my farm house, and baked, and cooked, and ate, and played. It was good. More pictures soon.


  1. Don't let the give-a-way prize go to your head! Or else you will become a sweepstakes junky!!!

  2. ... uh oh, i'm in trouble.

    remember that one movie? where the mom writes in millions of essays to all those different give-a-ways? what if i end up like her?