Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello Summer. It's nice to meet you.

Man, (like everyone else) I can't believe this semester is over. It's time to clean, reflect, and rest. I'm contemplating whether or not to reward myself for finishing this year by buying some clothes for summer. While looking, I've found...

A cute scarf.

Hidden bookcases to put in a home.

Goodness, a pretty Michigan wedding.

cake to make for my birthday.

Wooden houses in Maine.

Inspiration for a party.

Goodnight, loves. May we sleep soundly the whole night long, and get up tomorrow with a feeling as if we were newly created (inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne).


  1. oh goodness!! looove the bookcases and wedding pictures, that ring pillow is sooooo awesome.

    -Rachel <3

  2. you are way too cute.
    i want a secret bookcase.