Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My cousin Lindsay visited this past weekend. She graduated from Goshen College my freshmen year. Man, I miss having her around - I wish in high school I would have taken advantage being so close (in distance) to my cousin. Hopefully, I'll fix this by being more intentional about visiting my other cousin in Ohio. Girl cousins are like sisters to me. It's so neat to become close to them in the past few years - I love it, I really do.

The picture above is beginning to be an ongoing joke for Linds and me. We like to take pictures with the great grandkids in our family making it look like they are our kids. Before she graduated, we have another one where I'm holding Korbin, and she's holding my nephew Daylen (who is lighter color hair). Again, I'm holding dark-haired Korbin, but she's holding his sister Kaylee. She wanted to hold Kaylee over Daylen because she says she's going to bring more girl great-grandkids into the Schrock family. Not too bad, eh?

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