Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart."
- Carol King

Well, I have many things to write. Unfortunately I am tired, which seems to block all forms of creativity and imagination. I went to beautiful, small Waco, Texas, to work on my research thesis. What a blessing the trip was! I spent five days at Brooks Residential College with the most caring individuals who were willing to answer my many many questions. More than that, they loved me, fed me, and invited me to all their activities.

I learned so much and am incredibly excited to start my thesis, well, kind of. I would much rather talk about my experience than, perhaps, put it into words, but regardless I am excited to improve my writing and hopefully produce a useful resource for Christian universities.

Yesterday I wrote in my journal, "I realize space matters. Eating a meal together is sacred. Sharing lobbies, and libraries, and study rooms is better than studying alone. Living among faculty connects the classroom and the residence room. It allows for learning in every aspect of our life."

In any case, I feel blessed. I am so thankful for those who pushed me to pursue this research, and those who made it possible. Thank you.

As for today, my heart still feels warm. That's what I need to focus on when frustrations try to distract me.

Before I go, a little inspiration list:

Let's make chocolate chip cookies.

Martha Stewart's collection of cute kittens (oh my goodness, I'm one of those now).

Seriously, considering a pie business this summer with tips from Etsy.

I love these wall decals.

Love always wins.

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