Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Friday.

I'm glad this week is over, but I can't stress how I hope the next two weeks slow down, ridiculously and painfully slow. I mean it. I need the next two weeks to breath and prepare for the summer. I have so much paperwork to catch up on, e-mails, a whole bundle.

But today is good. Class was fast, worked out with Courtney & Hannah, ate lunch in my mom's cubicle, and now relaxing in my room sipping some iced passion tea.

Speaking of tea, I've been on a huge iced tea fix -- I drank at least two glasses of iced loose leaf carmel tea every day this week. Come visit: I'll make you some.

I'm on duty this weekend. I think paper crane making and watching movies might be my agenda for tonight. We'll see. As for now, a little list:

Cheri Messerli's work is amazing.

I really like this photo.

I've been enjoying this blog lately.

Listen to my friend Joshua LeMasters' new single.

The cutest little kitchen.

Wooden fox.

I like these men's shoes.

You are loved, happy weekend!


  1. this link list pretty much mirrors what mine would be if i was a good blogger today
    we like the same things lady

  2. blog twins :) i'm getting better at posting, but it's still in waves.