Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rebecca & clay

Since I talked about my cousin Laura in my last post, let's continue with her sister Rebecca. Only three days after Grace was born, Rebecca Underwood married Clay Hammerstein. I met Clay two years ago at my brother's wedding. The Schrockles instantly fell in love with the man who cares for my oldest cousin Rebecca. Last year for spring break, Logan and I stayed with Rebecca, Clay, and his children for a few days. We love their fellowship and friendship. Clay is so funny and super-dad with four kids who are actively involved in tennis, football, basketball, and baseball. Rebecca is such a sweet spirit who loves and welcomes everyone she meets. I cannot even describe it, but if you meet Rebecca, you'd understand. She has the ability to really listen in a way that makes you feel as if you discovered the most important thing in the world. I really wanted to support and love Clay and Rebecca at their wedding.

The photos say it all: the wedding was perfect. Rebecca and Clay were married in a old red barn next to horse stables in the midst of beautiful hills of Ojai, California. The wedding party involved Clay's four children (Peyton, Hunter, Kyle & Blake). The picture above is my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mike. Lynn looked absolutely adorable with her soft pink dress.

Let's look at my favorite decorations and moments of the wedding:

Guests stayed cool with an umbrella or fan.

Needless to say, I loved my parasol umbrella, which is now hanging in my room!

Rebecca and Clay were married in front of the red barn. For the ceremony, guests sat straw bales covered with beautiful pink and floral linens. White fabric shaded guests from the sun plus made it look soft and romantic. Don't you love the chandeliers?

The tables were decorated with different floral or striped pink linens. The flowers were big and full with orange, yellow, and pink hues. My Aunt Bonnie did amazing calligraphy for the seating arrangements.

I loved the sheer white fabric and lights, which looked stunning after the sun set.

My classy cousin Lindsay caught Rebecca's bouquet! She is heading off to art school for her masters in the fall. We're hoping this bouquet is foreshadowing.

Since Clay grew up in Colorado and graduted from University of Colorado, the couple thought a mechanical bull was a perfect activity for their wedding! I loved when my Uncle Mike rode the bull -- my family and I could not stop laughing.

I had so much fun seeing my family. Weddings are such a bonding time with my aunts and cousins. I cannot wait for my wedding.

Last, the beautiful couple rode the bull (I love Clay's hat!). As you can tell, it was a beautiful wedding, full of dancing, and wonderful people.


  1. i cannot wait for your wedding too. and for you to come home... :)

    love you.

  2. thank you, best friend. i am so excited to plan :)