Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello, loves!

Last Thursday, I adventured to the big city of San Francisco! Of course, I saw the beautiful and stunning Golden Gate Bridge. While driving to the bridge, I was really tired (because it was the last to do of the day). My mood completely changed when I stepped out of the car. I became super ridiculously giddy. I was disappointed that I couldn't see the top because of the fog, but we walked halfway across the bridge, and I loved every minute.

Oh, and we also went to Kome Sushi Buffet in Daly City. I ate as much sushi and green tea ice cream that I could fit in my stomach. It was the best. See?

Yum, yumm.


  1. girrrrrl. you look so pretty in your pic!
    i CAN'T wait to see you again!

    we pray for you often!

  2. Ooooh! How magical. I've always wanted to go to Golden Gate Bridge...and honestly, I think that yellow jacket you have on is the same as mine! But I can't be sure, where did you get yours??

    I love sushi! That all looks and sounds delicious.