Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Today was my first day of senior year. I said three years ago that I want to have the meaning and the experience. This is going to be a big year as I finish school, prepare for marriage, and figure out the rest.

On my immediate mind is a big ol' speech I have to give Thursday. I'm incredibly scattered and went to speak with one of my professors to help me focus. Dr. Riggs has taught me so much since I've been at IWU. Not to get into all the details of the conversation, I was discussing how I've been shaped by my classes, professors, and this community. He asked me if I was nervous about Thursday and I told him yes. He then grabbed another coworker, and they prayed for me in our little honors office. I couldn't help but cry. It wasn't a sob, but I really cried.

I am so blessed. And today, I am thankful for Dr. Rigg's sensitivity in that situation. I'm not really good at admitting when I'm nervous or upset or frustrated. I'm especially not good at asking for help.

God, please take my fears and pride away as I prepare for Thursday. As much as it isn't a big deal, please give me the words to describe something that's so important to my heart.

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  1. You did a wonderful making a parent proud job today! You moved right out of the way and let God lead the speech! Love, Mom