Thursday, March 17, 2011

last week

I really miss spring break, not just because I didn't have to do my homework, but mostly because I spent everyday with these handsome boys. East End Double Dip opened up the first Sunday of break, and I went three, wait four, no, just three days in a row. While driving home on our last trip, Daylen turned to Mal, Logan, and I, and asked, "Why am I always with you people when I get ice cream?" I told him not to worry about it.

But seriously, spring break is making me itchy for summer. Daylen, get ready. I'm planning on lots of Double Dip runs. 


  1. oh my that child Ari???
    So much bigger! And SO precious!
    Great pics Em

  2. i know, can you believe it? he's so stinkin' cute, pretty sneaky and ornery. plus, he's totally got the baby model look with his mouth slightly open.

    this summer, you come kick it with us. we'll take the boys for ice cream and grill garden veggies.