Tuesday, April 12, 2011

monday thanks

Man, I can't believe it's Monday. Last week was good and long but full. Every time I seem to accomplish one thing, I am already half-way into the next thing. It's been such a season filled with celebrations and difficulties. I'm not very good at sitting down, rejoicing in successes or blessings, and giving thanks. Mostly for God, partly for myself, and hopefully for later, I'm writing thanks to remember this season of God's strength and grace.

I am thankful for good smellin' flowers in my room from my first bridal shower. My three sister-in-laws are amazing for such a beautiful shower and afternoon. Seriously, the best part of bridal showers is being encouraged by friends and family. And the words of wisdom are especially great, my great-aunt Pauline gave the funniest advice: "When loves lights up, let the supper burn."

I am thankful I passed my English Composition Clep. I think I might graduate.

I am thankful for the patience of loved ones. I know in hard and busy seasons is when I am most challenged to be patient and kind. Obviously, at times, I'm the worst. I become grumpy, irritated, short-tempered, but my family gives so much grace, which reminds me to be a much nicer person.

I am thankful that my research thesis is finished through the help and encouragement of my advisor. I was so blessed by those who came to my research presentation last Wednesday. I felt so loved.

I'm thankful for getting things done on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning in order to spend time with friends on the weekend. Saturday evening, I enjoyed eating Uppercrust pizza in the park and loving this spring weather.

I was able to go home for lunch on Sunday. My mom and dad made the best meal: steak, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes.

When I came back to campus, some beautiful friends of the Honors College had a little shower for all of us engaged folk. It was fun to be with them - really encouraging, full of laughter, and reminiscing the past four years.

Now, it's times to study for everything (critical care, ATI's, and finals). Less than three weeks until I graduate. Less than six weeks until Logan and I get married.

Oh, and guess what? The magnolia trees are blooming.

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