Monday, June 20, 2011

my dad

I can't be with my dad today. He's in Indiana. I'm in New Jersey. But today, my heart is full of thanks. Since it's father's day, it seems appropriate to share my dad's first look of me on my wedding day. Seriously, there are so many words to describe this memory. While I didn't cry (I'm stubborn), my dad's reaction rippled around the room leaving everyone in tears. Now, looking at these photos, it makes me a little weepy. Trust me, it was so, you know, so big and full and warm. 

It's a beautiful memory, but more so because of it's meaning, because it gives a small glimpse of the emotion, the deep and inspiring love of a father. I can't help but think of how selfless my dad has been for our family. He works so hard, and gives so much. And it is such a gift. 

Happy Father's Day to my dad, my grandpas, my new father-in-law, my three older brothers. You all are so important to me and your wives and our families, and I love you very much.

p.s. You might be wondering why my dad is not dressed up in this photo. Well, he's pretty awesome (along with my mother and friends) who picked wildflowers the morning of our wedding. He was doing that and moving things and setting up the barn. I'm pretty lucky. Thanks, dad.


  1. This is so sweet♥ I've always fancied how sweet this moment will be on my wedding day!

    I am so excited to see more photos from your wedding, darling. It looked wonderful♥

  2. this is the sweetest thing! Oh, I hope you frame this one! What a beautiful memory!!!! Love you guys!