Tuesday, August 9, 2011

game plan

Tomorrow I take NCLEX, and boy, I'm nervous. Whatevs. Today is the I'm not suppose to study day, take it easy, go see a movie with Logan, relax. But now we're back at the house, and I'm a little restless, still wanting to study. I mean, seriously, cramming really did help me all those years in nursing school. But I know, doesn't work for NCLEX.

Point being, I figure I'd share my game plan for tomorrow. I decided the best way to approach the exam (other than study for the past two months) is to imagine my inner animal. What this really means is I'm distracting myself by looking through honeymoon photos that I still haven't shared on here (big surprise, along with those 2,000 wedding photos). After looking through the eight hundred photos of eagles, I decided on an owl instead since they're awesome. And because they're smart, right? Which means, tomorrow is a smart day, a day where I should attempt to feel and be smart.

And if I don't pass NCLEX. I'll just give it the stink eye like this owl.

Seriously, all prayers are appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I really like your stink eye owl. And I know you'll do well.

    You are such a pretty thing and all your things are pretty things. I know you'll do well because there's an excellent brain behind your pretty face. It almost is too much. But we like it anyway. :)