Thursday, October 13, 2011

daylen turns five

Oh my goodness, how is this little man already five? I can't believe I'm missing his super sweet bowling party on Sunday. He's at an age where he'll know who was and wasn't at his birthday party. I remember everything about my fifth birthday: doll dress cake, barbie kitchen, and my banana seat bike. I should make a cardboard version of myself to be at the party or photoshop myself into photos.

I have so many stories, photos, and videos (such as the one below) of this kid.  I remember when he was born on my soccer sectionals senior year, going to the hospital after the game, and loving that cute button nose. I can't forget when he first started talking and going to East End Douple Dip for ice cream. As soon as we turned off state road 19, he knew exactly what we were headed, and his little voice would say, "Fry fream." We've watched a lot of Thomas the Train and raced cars. I love it when he gets hold of his mom's phone and calls me. She has no idea until she checks her phone later in the day. He loves to talk, and I defend him because everyone said that about me when I was little. Now he's in preschool, and he tells me the letters on my shirt and asks what it spells. Little man growing up.

Happy Birthday, Daylen. I love you.


  1. Oh My Goodness. This made me laugh til I cried...such memories!

  2. seriously, i'm basically crying in that video from laughing so hard.