Saturday, October 22, 2011

the little chef

Last Friday, my neighbors and I attempted to get these supposedly irresistible, most incredible, unbelievable croissants from The Little Chef, a tiny bakery hidden in downtown Princeton. Epic fail because he wasn't open (still not sure why). The next day, my neighbor tried again. While entering the store, Kristine passed a lady, went to the counter, and the owner informed her that he sold the last three croissants to the woman who just left. And then Kristine mobbed the girl, took her croissants, and we ate them (just kidding).

Determined, we tried again today. Up and ready at 8:15 with a cute eighth month old baby. Even though Kristine and I had to wait for an hour, we had the most incredible, fresh, delicious almond croissants we've ever encountered. Who am I kidding? I've never had a freshly made croissant.

Plain, chocolate, peach, almond, didn't really realize croissants had different flavors and fillings. The croissant above is raspberry filled. I brought it home for Logan. Ten wife points. Nice way to start the weekend.


  1. This place sounds amazing and oh so delicious! I've never had a freshly made croissant either, but I hope to once in NYC this week!


  2. Chump change. Let's see you MAKE the croissants.


  3. so if this weekend works out, this is a must. non-negotiable.