Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new specs

Back in August, I bought a Refinery 29 Reserve coupon, 2 for 1 prescription glasses from Spexclub. Originally, I was going to share the coupon with Logan, but he ended up getting his new glasses from somewhere else. Thus, I have two new specs. I ordered avery in black (left photo) & woody in tortoise (right photo). I like them.

Also, Spexclub, you should know you have some of the nicest and best customer service. You always reply to my emails and just seem like really nice people. That is hard to find. Shout out to Melissa.


  1. Completely adorable!
    I don't wear glasses so I'm lame and just bought a fake pair...but I think of them as an accessory!


  2. why you no wear yesterday?? so cute!! austin got his new glasses from spex, and i'm trying to ruin my eyes so i can justify buying my own :)