Sunday, November 6, 2011

love stories

Ruche Clothing's blog has been sharing different "Love Stories." Yesterday, they featured a post of mine written during my addictions counseling practicum. You can check out the post here. Very cool, I'm so encouraged. Take time to look at the previous "Love Stories" posts, such inspirational and beautiful stories.

I'm still trying to live by those words. The difficulty is recognizing enemies that are close to me, whether neighbors, co-workers or even close friends. It can be hard to be happy for others. I know so many people (along with myself) who struggle with that, especially when others are being blessed and you feel empty-handed. It is easy to treat others as an enemy, silently praying God to not bless them as much or to share it with you. It's terrible to admit, but I've definitely been there. In college for Minority Group Relations, my professor set aside the first five minutes of every class to pray for our enemies. It really allowed the Spirit of God to change my heart and thinking. It was humbling and hard to pray greater things for those I'm jealous of and those who make me feel inferior. I still do this when I find myself not wanting to love someone. I do not pray for me or for God to change my heart, but I pray for them (in a good way).

Such good timing for me to reflect that post. I start my first registered nurse position this Monday. I am excited to encourage and care for those who are troubled, abused, and broken. I hope that my patients will allow me to help fight the chains of addiction and complexities of mental illness with them. I pray for humility and willingness, for God to fill my cup so I can fully listen and give, for him to bless them. I pray they feel His presence and discover His love.

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  1. You are so cool,
    and your words and prayer from this season are an example of real, difficult, Christ-like loving. thank you for sharing