Monday, November 21, 2011

to my mom

Happy Birthday, Mom. I'm sorry I can't be home to celebrate your birthday, but am so excited for you to visit this week. It makes it easier knowing that in a few days we will be cooking, laughing and spending time together.

You are a hippie still to this day loving things homemade and organic. You are beautiful, strong, and steadfast. You love God, dad, and our family with every beat. You have been a mother to more than just us kids, but also to our friends who lived at our house growing up. You are such a giver. I am who am and the things I care about are deeply shaped by the guidance from you and dad. Thank you for raising me in the church, teaching me to be involved, putting me in places to be transformed by Christ's love, giving grace, teaching me to forgive, and loving others to a fault (this might be genetic). I know that some people don't have moms like you, so involved and caring. I am so thankful.

As I get older, people hear my voice or see me, and say, "Man, you remind me of/sound like/look like your mom." It is a compliment of the kind, warm, and giving person they know. I feel pretty comfortable about growing more and more into that type of person.

Happy birthday, I love you.


  1. Thanks Baby Girl! I missed you two. I often feel that it was actually you kids who made me into the mom that God wanted me to be. I am blessed and the blessings just keep on coming! :) ...and you're right, I'll be a hippie 'til the day I die? :)