Thursday, December 15, 2011


My heart breaking for my neighbor and her family, the unknown they are facing. I'm reminded of what I read a few months ago:

"We are fearful people. We are afraid of conflict, war, an uncertain future, illness, and, most of all, death. This fear takes away our freedom and gives our society the power manipulate us with threats and promises. When we can reach beyond our fears to the One who loves us with a love that was there before we were born and will be there after we die, then oppression, persecution, and even death will be unable to take our freedom. Once we have come to the deep inner knowledge -- a knowledge more of the heart than of the mind -- that we are born out of life and will die into love, that every part of our being is deeply rooted in love and that this love is our true Father and, then all forms of evil, illness, and death lose their final power over us and become painful but hopeful reminders of our true divine childhood. 

Still, when we keep our eyes fixed on the risen Lord, we may find not only that love is stronger than death, but also that our faith is stronger than our skepticism." 

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