Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happy birthday, ari

This kid. Seriously, look at him. He's cute, and funny, and awesome, and last week he turned two.  Since Logan and I've been in Jersey, we tend to mimic the little voices, noises, and faces he makes in our daily conversations. Our recent favorite is his battle cry. Seriously, he makes us laugh. When he smiles, your heart melts over and over again.

He is all boy. Climbing, swiping everything electronic, sneaky. His parents already have a ton of stories to prove this. At the same time, he has a big heart. When he hugs my dad, he wraps his little arms around his neck and rests his head on his shoulder. I love it, such a sweet kid deep down. He is still such a baby to me, but he's growing. Two, already.

I love you, Ari.

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  1. The newest thing he does when he hugs us is pat our shoulder. He also likes to tap the table when listening to tunes on my computer. That boy has rhythm!