Wednesday, January 18, 2012

orb community church

Logan is taking a class called Missional Theology for January term. It's been incredible to watch him come home every day inspired. One of the professors for the class is the pastor of a church in Redbank, NJ, and invited students and their families to attend their worship service.

I'm not really sure where to begin, but it was a really neat service. The church has a worship team who writes most of their songs. The congregation was diverse for a new church and smaller congregation: older, young, single, married, lots of kids. It was cool, really cool. Of course, I loved the kids dancing to the last worship song after they finished their own service, such joy.

Afterwards, we drank tea and met others. We felt welcomed and were touched by the deep relationships between those in the congregation. Logan's professor invited us into his home with an awesome fireplace, and his wife fed us all sorts of amazing soups. We climbed in forts with his kids and shared our stories.

On the way home, I prayed to God that He might use Logan and I to help others feel that way. To invite them into our church and home, to share our stories, to find and encourage others to live in God's story and participate in whatever ministry He has called of them.

For more about the church, check them out here. And I also need to say the sermon, it was perfect, felt like something Logan and I needed to hear before leaving for New Zealand, appropriately stretching and provoking. For those neat worship songs, listen to The New Ancients (also here, Dying Faith is my favorite). But trust me, it was (and is) much better singing these songs together as the body of Christ.

(photo via virginiahall)

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