Tuesday, February 14, 2012

monday afternoons

Every other weekend I work Saturday/Sunday nights. Monday mornings are spent sleeping in like a Saturday. Slowly start moving around noon, make lunch, drink tea. Only because I know if I sleep any longer I won't be able to go to bed this evening. It's hard to have a routine with the way I've been working. I am not very productive. I sift through my to do list, only accomplishing one or two things a day. Today's list: baking a cake for my neighbor Phoebe (she turns one today!), studying for my first examination towards my New Zealand nursing license, cooking a meal for friends. Everything else is bonus.

Seriously, I'll probably just bake a cake and cook dinner.

(photo via lasaraperovic)


  1. Feel no guilt. Baking a cake and cooking dinner is far more than I do some days. You're still a rockstar. I miss you, friend.

  2. I feel that baking a cake and cooking is productive and hopefully pleasurable for you as well. Mondays are a favourite day of mine because I love thinking back on the events of the weekend that were so lovely.

  3. lauren, miss you so much. love the new blog, love you.

    i completely agree, rachel. mondays are good reflecting days and love baking forever.