Thursday, February 16, 2012

phoebe turned one

As I mentioned Monday, my neighbor Phoebe turned one, a perfect excuse to get our apartment complex together. I made Phoebs my favorite cake by smitten kitchen (seriously, I will die with that recipe). We kept a slice peanut butter free since you're not suppose to expose kids until they're eighteen months old.

Goodness, I love seminary community. Seriously, so fun. And I definitely love Phoebe.


  1. Such a great night! Thanks so much Emilie! Phoebe loves her Aunty Emilie:^)

  2. Love it! Wish we were there to join in the celebrations (as does Evee). Love you all.

  3. love you, kristine!

    and jamie, ugh, of course, we all wish you could have been there. warm/broke my heart to hear evee wanting to fly to it. you're totally here in spirit. love you.