Thursday, May 3, 2012

happy birthday, kati

I'm a little behind on things, but for good reasons, we visited Indiana last week and are now in Arizona visiting my grandparents. Last week, this pretty girl turned one. It still warms my heart to remember receiving the phone call telling me she was born and leaving finals to go hold her, such a week of celebration.

Kati is precious. It's crazy to believe she is already a year old, less a baby and more a toddler. She is a sweet girl, and I 'm excited to see her personality develop. It melts your heart to see her brother Moses hug and kiss her. When she ate her cake for her birthday, Moses fed her bite by bite and then would sneak two for himself. I'm glad for her babysitter who sends photos of Kati when she watches them. Thankful for technology that lets you share experiences even with distance. Because I definitely want to keep up with her as she grows. Love you, Kati. 

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