Tuesday, October 9, 2012


What a last week, weekend, new week. We moved into our townhouse last Friday. Settling in, blessed by borrowed furniture (sleeping on a king single until our mattress arrives), still opening boxes. The weekend was fun. Hip hop dance performance. Dinner with friends. Pretty cliff walk. Made a yummy smelling aroma for our new place (orange rinds, apple rinds, cinnamon sticks on simmer). The new week has started with working on my own at the clinic and trying to make the house presentable for the rest of the month. October is going to be crazy full. Full of good and hopeful things. Praying the same for you, friends.


  1. I've done the orange rind thing, too :)

    I hope the good and hopeful things continue!

  2. Where is photo of 'hip hop dance performance'?

  3. thanks, bethany. did you get my text i sent you a few weeks ago? i use an app and sometimes they don't go through.

    curt, i didn't take any, but i should have. they had street tap/hip hop. loved it.