Saturday, January 12, 2013

warm january

Today, we woke up and did yoga. Thank you professional athletes who admit to it. You've helped Logan try it. Perhaps, it's not the most relaxing, deep breathing session with the two of us laughing but it's fun. He's cute and inflexible. We ate lunch at the Lyttleton market then spent the afternoon at Corsair bay where we read and played fill or bust and faced the cold water. It made me happy.

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  1. For a time while Julie and I lived at Boots St. we would do Yoga together, but then we had to stop due to injury. She kept looking at me, and would laugh, and one time she pulled and/or kinked something ... be careful about laughing, you lose focus and somebody might get hurt. Oh, and she was pregnant at the time too! Moses must have been like, "Stop laughing at my dad, yo!"