Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Monday.

I am not ready for you to go. Unfortunately, parts of today involved my head spinning and thinking so hard that I felt this overwhelming air bubble in my frontal lobe. I mean, really, where should I start? There's research, advising, application for graduation, summer employment, reading, online quiz, nursing journals, medication brochure, e-mail advisors, e-mail internships, fill out applications, and current work items (staff retreat, curfew).

Okay, this blog is my refuge not my bag of worries. Let's think positive.

I am in love with these tiny twig hair pins (via you are my fave).

Papa Stour's Bolt Hole in Scotland seems like the ideal vacation to me (via cup of jo).

These striped conductor shorts are perfect for summer.

My boyfriend loves this video. I have to admit, it's funny.

And this is my little slice of hope from author Shauna Nieuqist for tomorrow (and the rest of the week)...

This is a lovely season, crammed full with so many people I care about and moments that make me happy and full on a deeper level. The days are busy, certainly, but they're full of such good things. I'm thankful every day and aware every day that we have no guarantees. For every single day of this sweet season, I'm thankful, and when it ends, whenever it does, I'll hold it in my heart as one of God's greatest gifts to me.

It's almost Spring, loves. 

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