Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh week after spring break, you are hard to ease into. I cannot believe one week ago I was in the clinic, loving and hugging kids, and eating rice and beans to my heart's content.

I am so thankful for the past two weeks. Last week in Belize, and the encouragement God gave me in regards to nursing, and missions, and reminding me how I love to care for others and give hope in moments of sickness or doubt. But also, this week my boyfriend Logan had his reading (spring) break, and I'm so glad he's home. It's been over a month since I saw him last. Life feels more comfortable when he's around, when we can eat meals together,  read in the library, and play cards and talk.

At the same time, I know this week has been hard in hidden ways. After last week, my heart was full but heavy. Going back to classes and doing schoolwork is learning to sprint again and stay on top of what I happily left behind two weeks. However, this little boy above reminds to find joy, to find peace in each day with whatever it is. He was one of our favorites at the clinic. His smile was infectious, the good kind, one that doesn't need amoxcillin. The moment he walked through the door his face was bright even through vitals signs, and assessments, and medications. Goodness, he smiled the entire time he received his breathing treatment! What a blessing he was and still is.

I have a tendency to run a little too fast, but I want to be long distance runner, not a sprinter. David Gergen, a Harvard Professor, said once, "It's easy to confuse motion with progress." I'm reminded that this week when I stress, and try to get too much done, without reflecting and reminding myself of what I'm learning, that I forget about what God taught me last week, last Sunday, and even today. I don't want to forget so easily or quickly. It's time to set time aside, to just be, to think, and be thankful.

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