Monday, March 8, 2010


Oh boy, I am blessed. I spent the past week in a small village in Belize called Roaring Creek. I'm not quite sure where to begin because the week was so much: good, stretching, reminding, reflecting, encouraging. Over the next week, I hope to write more about my adventures in Belize. The photo above is the wonderful children who greeted us while passing out rice and beans in a poor neighbor east of Belmopan.

It seems that around every corner God is challenging me with how I'm spending my time, what is important to me right now, what should be important to me, and how my life should be transformed, what he wants it to look like. 

I wish I could twist the images, conversations, and thoughts of this past week into beautiful words and eloquent sentences, but I find comfort in simple sentences like:

God is good.

I love children.

I care about others, community, relationships.

I am reminded of God's grace in broken and (what seems) hopeless situations.

I want a life larger than living for myself.

(And, again) I am blessed.

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