Thursday, June 3, 2010

alas, california

Man, Logan and I are living an adventure since we've been engaged. Not only did he propose, but I managed to complete six hours of May Term, finished my job as an RA, and packed up for California. I had to fly out to California early to get fingerprints for my internship, and Logan joined me. I am beyond blessed having those days with him especially as we prepare for another summer apart. We are on opposite coasts, which is romantic in movies, not so much in real life. But I can't complain, we had a great time in L.A. visiting friends and family.

Logan met my Oxford friends from last summer, which involved getting to know Colleen and Alex. We had an amazing time with Colleen and Kevin, another happily engaged couple. We fit so well as couples - our entire time together was spent in never-ending laughter. Truly, such fun.

Oh, and that might be my favorite picture of Colleen, ever.

Next, Logan and I were off to see my cousins at the beach. I can't even describe how beautiful both Rebecca and Laura are. They are glowing during this season of celebration. Rebecca is getting married at the end of June while Laura becomes a mommy to Grace Wallof, who will join the rest of adorable great-grandchildren in the Schrock family. I love my cousins with all of my heart. In many ways, my cousins have been my sisters over these past years along with my sister-in-laws. I am so blessed for their love and friendship.

I can't really even begin to describe this time for me. Man, it's exciting. Truly, I am thrilled to be engaged, nervous and excited for my summer in San Jose, and loving the bundle of celebrations occurring around me.

It's like Shauna Niequist said, "I'm learning that life is made up of seasons, and that some are hard and some are easy. I know that life won't always be like it is right now. And because of that, I'm doing my best to soak it up, every drop... This is a lovely season, crammed full with so many people I care about and moments that make me happy and full on a deep level. The days are busy, certainly, but they're full of such good things. I'm thankful every day and aware every day that we have no guarantees. For every single day of this sweet season, I'm thankful, and when it ends, whenever it does, I'll hold it in my heart as one of God's greatest gifts to me."

I'm sure this summer will be challenging at times, but it is a gift to move to San Jose. I am hopeful and thankful for this time to love the girls in my home even if it is hard love. I am sure they will call me names, try to break me down, and push my limits. Despite any of those frustrations or struggles, I want to love them endlessly, fully, and completely as how God sees them.

Peace & Grace.


  1. Things I love about this post:
    1) the seals (okay, that's from the other post)
    2) Logan's giddy smile in the pictures. He's clearly overjoyed now that you're engaged. I LOVE IT.
    3) that quote.
    4) Your heart. You are beautiful and so wise, sweet Emilie.

    Miss you.

  2. Logan and Mark have been playing Fifa for almost 4 hours. I miss you. But this post makes me so proud of you and thankful for the ways God is at work in your life. This summer will be amazing...can't wait to see you again, my dear! :)

  3. Kim, thank you so much for your encouragement! You are too kind - and Logan and I really adore you. We have to get coffee when we're both back in August.

    And just to let you know, I'm running a lot out here, and it's CRAZY beautiful running around all these gorgeous hills. You would love it.

    Lauren, I know! Logan told me he went over there, and I said "What did Lauren do?!" And he said sleep! First, make those boys teach you how to play Fifa. Second, thank you so much for your support! Last, I'm so excited for you and Mark and all the goods new. :)