Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am on a Design Sponge kick. It's sad that I can't seem to find time to try the DIY projects, but that's okay. I'm in a season where that isn't a priority, and while I'd love to say it'd be relaxing, it probably isn't at this point of time (there's a lot of other things to plan and do, I think).

Inspiration from Each Room
1. In the first photo, I am in love with the wood floors and the general open space in the room. It's a room that lets you breathe.
2. It's a good work space. I love walls that fuel creativity. It's a good thing.
3. In the last photo, I love the colors of the wall, the raw wood table, the frames, and the beautiful light fixture.

Well, this was relaxing. Now it's time to start speed reading. I hope you're having an inspiring start to the week. Yesterday was a really good day, full of hope, ideas, facing fears, talking and listening. I hope to write about it soon, but I'm not ready. 

(photos via Design Sponge)

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  1. Hello, darling!

    Good luck with whenever you do your registry...it certainly must be hard! How's the wedding planning coming? I am so happy for you and Logan-you two are the cutest. <3

    And these are all fantastic! I love open spaces as well, and absolutely the craft rooms that fuel creativity (like covering the walls with artsy photos, etc.), oh and the last room is beautiful! I love the dark colours contrasted with the bright window lighting.