Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sleeping bear

We're back from vacation to northern Michigan with Logan's family. It's my first family vacation officially as a Hoffman, which made it easier for sleeping arrangements since Logan and I can sleep in the same bed. It was a quick weekend seeing all the popular places: biking Mackinac Island, swimming at Glen Haven, and hiking Sleeping Bear dunes. We also managed to fit in random stops to putt-putt, eat lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Co., and pick cherries (see the photo below of my father-in-law for our lovely picking attire). Needless to say, I'm thankful for this little break. Plus, Michigan is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I would take Michigan beaches over Florida ones any day. Seriously, look below at that clear and blue water and epic coastline, love it.

p.s. Logan and I decided that we like gold cherries more than black cherries. They're awesome. Anyone else think so?

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  1. Great pictures daughter! I really like that lens of yours.