Saturday, August 27, 2011

nephews & nieces

Some people talk about the weather, but I like to tell stories about my nephews and nieces. Like two days ago, I was holding my youngest niece June. Her brother Daylen walks in, looks at her and says, "June is an angel. She is so beautiful." Precious. These kids bring so much life to my family. I'm thankful much of this summer involved babysitting or hanging out with them. Seriously, I love them so much.


  1. I truly believe that God used you, your family and these little ones to heal parts of my heart.

  2. This is beautiful.
    I love the warm photos.
    Little kids do bring so much joy, it's so true!

    Hope your week is beautiful.

  3. girls, thank you. i love them. i love you. love, love.