Friday, September 30, 2011

library day

Well, I feel accomplished. I went to the Princeton Public Library today, picked up my card, and gathered a few books to read. It's probably better for my brain than watching episodes of Mad Men and The Sing-Off. I haven't read fiction in a long time so notice most of these books are non-fiction.  Seriously, I'm still on the fifth chapter of the first Harry Potter. I'm getting nowhere with fiction.

I picked up three books by Henri Nouwen. My friend Lauren posted a quote by him on her blog recently, and my old roommate Courtney was always putting his words in places around our room. Plus, they are small reads.

I'm really excited to read N.T. Wright's latest book After You Believe. He's my favorite, plain and simple.  And I picked up one fiction book Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. It looked interesting. I've seen it before at bookstores. No one suggested it. I have no idea what it is about so anyone who does please share.

For those who haven't graduated or live in an academic community, college makes it easy to find good reads. Now, I'm clueless, and I seriously miss my Honors College book discussions. How am I suppose to understand anything without Dr. Bressler or Dr. Bounds?

So what are you reading right now? Fiction? Non-fiction? All recommendations are appreciated (seriously).

p.s. Yes, Courtney, I expect you to comment on this because you know everything about books... you're like Matilda.


  1. I just finished a book by Julia Alvarez - nonfiction, although all her fiction is amazing, too. Highly recommend In the Time of the Butterflies. About to start a novel by Erin Brokovich - interested to see how it is!

  2. Oh, reading, how I love thee! Lately I have been obsessing over books and can't stop reading them and having an ongoing list of what I want to read next pop into my head.
    I am currently reading the Great Gatsby and this fabulous book called A Year in the World with the most rich descriptions.
    I am in a literature class right now and loving it! We'll be reading Til We Have Faces at some point which I am so excited about.

    I love good book quotes too! ♥


  3. oh, this just reminded me that i have yet to get my library card! so much to do! i am totally in reading mode as well, eating up the books in our personal collection that i have bought and then set aside for homework and nursing books. i love it. have you ever read steinbeck? i just finished travels with charlie not all too long ago, and adored it. i feel like you would love his writing style. let me know how your books are- especially the sedaris :)

  4. oh, and history of love by nicole krauss is on my to read list- i sat in the bookstore and read the first few pages since i am too cheap to buy a $17 paperback...when did books become so expensive? all the more reason to get a library card...or search the $2 bins at the strand (which we should do). it was so good...i'm kind of considering going back tomorrow to sit and read more haha. also, want to start a book club?

  5. Haha Matilda? :)

    I really have been reading a lot of non-fiction texts about mental-health stuff. It's probably not everyone's go-to subject matter! However, I have been learning a bit. I'll post about it soon!

    Also, My mom and I are reading "The Help" and hope to see the film together next week.

    Have you ever read any Phillis Tickle? I think you might like her writing.

    Oooh, I want to read the new Wright too....tell me how it is!

  6. kim, i will definitely check out those books. you're also a book machine, i completely forgot.

    rachel, yes, i remember good old lit books for high school. we read the great gatsby, but i never read til we have faces. i should check it out.

    courtney h., get your library on. not only does ours have a huge collection of books, but also dvd's and tv series. i'm excited about that. and i don't know when paperbook got expensive, probably when kindles came around, right? and i've only read snippets of steinbeck nothing all the way through. i'll have to check that one out.

    courtney g., i just reserved three addiction/mental health related books. have you read a beautiful boy? the one where the fatehr writes it? and i loved the help (movie). i cried. both times i watched it.

  7. yes...Beautiful Boy is a winner...there is also a newer one that the son wrote this year, "Tweak"- a different perspective.

    - East of Eden is my fav Steinbeck

  8. Oh, I'm sorry.

    It's not Tweak it's, "We all fall down"

  9. Ooh Henri Nouwen. One of my friends is taking a class devoted to Nouwen and all of those books are on her required reading, cool, right? And once I get into all my classes, I'll probably have some good mental health related books to suggest..ha : )

    But you NEED to finish HP. It's pertinent to your existence.
    miss you lady!