Thursday, September 29, 2011

music list

Lately,  I've been listening a lot to the She & Him station on Pandora using our iPod dock. No, it isn't because I started watching the New Girl (although, I'll probably watch it on Hulu today if I can). It's really upbeat and plays new and old songs. And yes, I dance to it when I'm walking around our apartment. But really, Logan and I are fixated on the new Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver albums. We love them, recommend them, five stars.

With music in mind, I searched for some videos today. These are some of my favorite songs or videos I found:

Bon Iver, Calgary
Weird video at parts, but such a good song. And Logan and I agree, we like Bon Iver's new ablum more than his last (we think that's a good thing).

Young the Giant, Apartment
Honestly, I haven't listened to their other stuff. I came across this video and fell in love with the echos in those mountains.

David Bazan, In Stitches
My friend Katrina posted this, and I couldn't help reshare. Always loving Bazan even the songs that can be depressing.

Slow Club, Two Cousins
I started listening to them freshmen year of college. And goodness, I am a sucker for them just like Mates of State. Boy girl combos, catchy lyrics, good rhythms. Their new album was released September 12th. If you want to hear some more, check them out here. I suggest listening to 'Where I'm Walking' first.

I'd love to hear your thoughts: What music are you loving right now? Any good videos to share?


  1. Ah, yes I love she and him. Have you heard about their Christmas album? You can find out about it here: Doesn't it sound wonderful?

  2. I watched all of these during my procrastination time this morning. Thanks to you Em :)
    -The Bon Iver song -- gave me chills
    I love music that makes me feel even more alive, you know?
    - Wherever those 'Young Giant' fellas are- I wanna go, and maybe marry one too.
    - yup, DB is always good.
    - Snow Club-- such great joy in this song/video

    p.s. The Mates of State show @ Calvin will always be a favorite memory of mine

  3. aw, erika, thanks for that! i will definitely start playing it not stop the day after thanksgiving. it's perfect.

    and courtney, ditto, wish we could go to that show over and over, dancing in the front row, loving life. haha, and i approve you chasing after one of those boys, and getting married in those mountains.