Wednesday, September 7, 2011

our first move

August, where did you go? You were full, planned and jammed, stuffed with as many good things as Logan and I could fit in a month. Seriously, the list is long: visiting family, studying, passing NCLEX, family camp, packing, kayaking, trip to Michigan, bonfires, swimming, cleaning, shooting guns, fingerprints, camping with old roommates, emptying my childhood room, job applications, filling med trays, babysitting, cooking, morning coffee dates, birthdays, more packing, bowling, and a wedding. As August slipped out the backdoor, September and fall weather embraced us beginning with our move to Jersey.

Logan and I simplified our stuff, packed our things into a sixteen-foot truck, and attached our car with a tow dolly. We really didn't need a sixteen-foot truck, but it's all they had. So Thursday morning came, we ate Karmel McKnutt donuts with Mark and Lauren, hugged our parents, and hit the road. Bless Logan's heart because he drove the entire 700 mile trip, all twenty-something feet of us, to Princeton while I colored Lisa Frank pictures.

Early Friday morning, we started moving boxes into our simple apartment on the second floor. It went quick with the help of our new neighbors. We felt so loved by helping hands, homemade jam cookies, lent toilet bowl brush, church friend cleaning our dirty bathroom, invitation to a cookout, and a free watermelon. Pretty amazed by the good community of families that surround us. My parents, our second hands of help, came Saturday night in time for the Boise football game. I was excited to show them around Princeton and our church. I'm so thankful for their help putting away things, cooking for us, hanging up things. Goodness, I'm sure everything would still be in boxes if they hadn't decided to come.

It's weird, I remember this time last year Logan leaving for Jersey, hating long-distance, but finding peace knowing that he wouldn't be moving alone this year. It's such a comforting feeling to realize that we have each other. We're sad to leave Indiana, but excited to finish his master's and start my nursing career. This time away will be good, bittersweet, a completely different type of season of growing for us. This weekend we did first married type things from our first trip to Ikea (exciting at first, quickly replaced with feeling overwhelmed), nervousness about finances (I still need a job), my transition to East Coast norms (I'm timid, Jersey is not), fitting everything in our apartment (it's small and cozy). I'm just so happy to be doing this together. Goodness, I love that boy. We're so young, laughing a lot and still taking naps when we should be unpacking.

At the same time, it's hard. We're living in two places at the same time. We've moved our things to New Jersey, but we're back in Marion. Logan leaves tomorrow to go fishing in Canada with his dad. I'm staying in Indiana, embracing every moment with family before we leave again. Like most newlyweds, this first move is the beginning of unknown steps, not quite sure where we're headed after Logan graduates, but excited for the opportunities He has given us, praying for peace where to go. We have vague ideas, two kids with some dreams, loving God and desiring His heart, looking to be part of His means in wherever He's at work.


  1. katrina, you can totally go back to new york to visit and stay with us. we're an hour by train to the city. and then you can show me all the places you went last time?

  2. Weird, weird stuff. But good.

    Also, Lisa Frank was the JAM.

  3. oh emilie, i was just thinking of you and remembered your pretty blog and came upon this post and was so touched. i relate so so much. this time of transition to adulthood is such a strange, wonderful, scary, overwhelming, and beautiful thing. although we already have a year of marriage under our belts and have been together forever, we are still learning so much and figuring out our life. new york is the best and craziest thing that has ever happened to us. and since you're only an hour by train...we totally need to get together! come on up and we will take you to coffee and/or dinner and we can take a walk along the hudson...i have a feeling we'd have a lot to talk about! :) thinking of you and praying for you during this new journey...

  4. thanks, girls, give me your address. i send you a page in the mail.

    courtney, gosh, we need a phone date soon to talk about all this. or a coffee date is better.