Wednesday, November 16, 2011

marcel the shell with shoes


Marcel came out with a new video yesterday.  I love it--never gets old.

Jenny Slate is the voice of Marcel. She was a 2009-2010 season cast member of SNL, but her contract was not renewed. To cope with the disappointment, her and her fiance (filmmaker Dean Felischer-Camp) created Marcel. Jenny told Times, “I felt that I should just sit down and do something creative for the sake of being creative. I had a little heartbreak after the show, and I don’t wear grumpiness well. So Marcel was something I did to make myself happy. It came from a place of strength. He is this little guy who is proud of who he is, and I wanted to say in a loving way, there is nothing wrong with me.”

It was a hit. The first video became viral in 2010. I still remember the intense laughing as I watched it with my suitemates for the first time (and the many times we re-watched it). From its success, Jenny and Dean decided to author a children's book.

Apparently, we can expect to see even more of Marcel. Slate stated, "Our hope is that it will be like The Muppet Show, a place where our comedian friends can come and play around in a world full of shells. If you're interested, read more about the creation of Marcel here.

Wouldn't it be awesome if this became the TV show we watched with our kids? A creative, small little shell proud to be itself. It's so much better than Dora.


  1. I LOVE MARCEL I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! Thank you so much for posting this. I am gonna go post it too! woo! I laughed so hard at this one. she's great.

  2. "Oh gah, I can smell his face."

    I know I love it too. I freaked when my friend posted it on facebook.