Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new york style family time

Oh hey, is that Clark Kent? No, just my brother Joe who came to visit. We went into the city twice, and both times, some random stranger commented he was Superman. It was a pretty good vacation for them. Joe and Mallory attended the The Colbert Report, waved at Lady Liberty from the Staten Island ferry, witnessed Occupy Wall Street, ate at Tom's Restaurant (the famous Monk's Cafe in Seinfeld), walked around Central Park, felt overwhelmed at FAO Schwartz, browsed stores on fifth avenue, glanced at Rockefeller Plaza (the tree is up and being decorated), sat in Times Square, and ate pizza in East Village.

I love when family can visit. It is super fun to share our home, watch movies, show them around Jersey, and always a great excuse to eat really good food. I can't wait to see everyone at Christmas. This was such a tease. Love you, Joe and Mal.


  1. wait--twice?! we need to see each other the next time, ok? :) i mean as much as you're here, you might as well just move here...it wouldn't be the worst thing, right? i'm glad your family had such a great visit...sounds like you did good! and please tell me you had a milkshake at tom's...to.die.for. (did i tell you how we randomly popped in there without even knowing what it was after the halloween extravaganza?) oh my word...and we went to dinner and a movie (50/50 finally, SO good) this past week and guess what shake shack's flavor of the day was?! pumpkin.freaking.pie. we had planned to share, but i couldn't handle it so austin got his own...ahaha. where did you have pizza? and did you pull a tom hanks in FAO Schwartz? oh, and did you see how brilliant the leaves are?? i'm not so bitter anymore :) and you guys are such cuties in your glasses. awesome.

  2. sorry for the longest comment in the world...can you tell i'm trying to catch up on my day off? :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Courtney, I love your comments. I'm not sure whether to respond you in a text message/phone call/facebook message/on here. I definitely need to give you a call--so much to talk about. I didn't have a milkshake at Tom's! Wish I knew! We'll ahve to back and have one :) And yes, when Logan and I were waiting for Joe and Mallory to get out of The Colbert Report, we walked to Shake Shack and ate it in Central Park, but the flavor of the day was Maple Brown Butter, and I was so stuffed after that hamburger and fry.

    Don't worry you have to come visit--I think there are still apples at Terhune. And I will come back into the city and you can show me all the amazing stuff that I don't know about still :)