Wednesday, February 22, 2012

homemade latte & friendship

At brunch a few weeks ago, my neighbor Abby made me this yummy latte with her cute little Italian espresso maker. On Sunday before work, I asked her if I could pay her rather than Starbucks for a latte. Girl, I was covered: three shots of espresso and lots of foam. She wouldn't take my pay. She is too sweet.

Last night, we had our usual Monday dinner together. Scott and Abby provided the most amazing Pad Thai, unbelievably better than the closest Thai restaurant. Afterward, Abby showed me how to make espresso and made Logan an Americano. We're hooked. We already ordered our own espresso maker and milk frother (coming Thursday). Logan said coffee in New Zealand is mostly espresso based. We getting ready.

Once again, I must say. I really love my neighbors. It's been incredible to share life together these past few months. There are certain friendships that run deep. Our other amazing close couple best friends Mark and Lauren describe it best as a heart connection. Sometimes you find people who share share similar interests and humor but also similar passion and purpose, easily finding yourself in funny and serious conversations. I was afraid we wouldn't find that in New Jersey with being here for such a short time. But praise God, He has blessed us with such good neighbors. I wasn't necessarily ready for it when I came. I wanted to hold on to my old friends pretty tightly and was uncertain about opening up. God has taught me it's important to invest in relationships wherever I am for however long. Not for myself, but to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually present to others.

Perhaps, the trickier part is the process of desiring this for my friends that I've moved away from and no longer share physical closeness. Selfishly, I want them to like me more than new friends. But that isn't fair or healthy, obviously. It's taken time, but with God's help, I pray they find more heart connections possibly deeper than what we shared. That is really hard. Life changes and moving breaks your heart, but thankfully, if we seek love first from God, he pours out even more of His love to give us and share with new friends.

And so, I've found this balance of continuing to pray for old friends, writing letters, phone calls, but also being present to new heart connections and sharing life. For those who read this and are struggling with deep relationships (especially couples), I encourage you to ask your friends how you can pray for them and to pray together. This simple act creates such opportunity for vulnerability and growth. It's amazing how the Spirit of God can bring you together. I still remember the first time Logan, Mark, Lauren, and I prayed together. It was the beginning of incredibly life changing decisions for all of us. In the moment, we had an inkling. Those prayers initiated a season of waiting and listening to God's voice and slowly made way for promises, calling, and dreams. This summer, Mark and Lauren are moving to Colorado to plant a church in Denver while Logan and I head to Christchurch, New Zealand, to help with The Well. I just think that's neat and God is so good.


  1. It is really neat. I'm so, so thankful that God has blessed you in New Jersey, though I'm still holding on pretty tight to you guys back here and I KNOW I'll hold on even tighter when you go to New Zealand, but it will be okay. I just know it. And shoot, I miss my Friday morning lattes with you! Also, we're going to come visit you in June.

  2. So true. All of it. Love this post and love knowing all the sweet people you are mentioning. And excited for you guys to get here!