Tuesday, March 13, 2012


March is here. Yes, twelve days in and loving it. What a month so far starting with my college best friend visiting and then spending last week in Seattle with Logan's sister and brother-in-law. I'll digest the last couple weeks in between work. It's been full and special, so thankful for these moments, too precious to not reflect.

Oh, and Princeton is expecting seventy degrees all week. It's a completely different world at our apartment complex and downtown. Reminds me of college in spring. Blankets in open grasses, ice cream in hand, busy playground, taking walks, dresses and shorts, open windows, everyone is outside. Okay, time to barbeque. Happy spring, friend.


  1. Your words described the whole feel about everything right now. I simply adore this time of year when everything, literally everything, is awakening and getting a fresh surge of energy.

  2. I'm really glad Courtney came to visit you, and also very jealous. Can't wait to hear/see more of Seattle! Love you!