Wednesday, March 14, 2012

court in the city

My friend Courtney is a good person, a great person, the best kind of person. I could brag about her all day from how much she reads to how much she loves her crazy adolescents she counsels to being the most efficient and caring card sender I know. It would take days to tell you how much Courtney has been there for me these past five years. She's a good person and a good friend.

And she came to see me in New Jersey. Seriously, that plane ticket is not cheap from Michigan. She didn't even think twice about it. We had so much fun, and ate so much, seriously, we ate the whole time. That's pretty much my tour of Princeton, all my favorite tea, ice cream and food places.

We went into the city where we ate amazing french food with another Courtney (!), saw Jimmy Fallon (!!!), explored NYC Public Library, hung out in Grand Central Station, and walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

We had much needed conversation, even with my cluttered head and sleep deprived body. We talked about good and hard things, about the future and possibilities. And I'm so excited for Courtney and how God is using her to love her kids (I love how she describes them, "Emilie, they're just naughty"). Her heart is too big for her body, and she loves them, wants change and the best for them. She loves other well, really well. Thanks for visiting, Court, and thanks for being my friend, love you much.


  1. This is perfect.
    People like this are wonderful to have.
    Your words, as always are beautiful.

  2. thanks, rachel, you are so encouraging! really, thanks!