Sunday, April 15, 2012


Reminding myself where I was two weeks ago. Ireland was beautiful and restful. Hard to believe, it's only and already been two weeks, feels like yesterday and over a month ago at the same time. Such a reflection of the pace of this past year. Last spring was full of preparing for graduation and marriage. Again, we find ourselves in a time of waiting. Our hearts preparing for New Zealand while trying to be present to our responsibilities at this time. I'm trying my best to reflect, to appreciate every big and little moment, to thank God for all the time He's given us.

People keep asking me if we're ready to move. Of course, we are ready in some ways. We are excited to move. We really miss Clint, Jamie and the girls. We are ready to participate in the ministry that has begun in Christchurch, already seeing the way in which God is gathering others and working on hearts. But I can't help praying that these next few months go slow enough, not to delay moving forward, but so we might cherish this time, this place, these friends, our family. Trusting that this time is enough. That He will provide more than enough.

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  1. Oh, I hope this for you too! I know what you mean friend, loving the here and now while anticipating what's coming.

    AND we can't wait to have you here!!!