Tuesday, July 17, 2012

goodbye letters

July, it's July. It's almost been three weeks since I found myself crying in our empty apartment. Since moving from Jersey, it has been a beautiful blur of good things: new baby nephew (Grant Andre Schrock!), vacation with my parents, cousin's wedding reception, wedding week of a college friend. By themselves, those events are beautiful. How sweet to have a series of such good things. My heart is selfishly thankful for happy distractions. The beginning of goodbyes has been overlooked by celebrating family and friends.

Now Logan and I have a few days before we start traveling again (Michigan and Maine). Finally, an opportunity to reflect our last month at Princeton. It's time for my heart to let go of Jersey, to that season, to give proper thanks to the people and places that loved us this past year. To the first physical place, Logan and I could together call home.

It will take weeks for me to write goodbye letters to work, church, CRW and friends. By the time I finish letting go of the East Coast, I will have to face the reality of leaving the Midwest. While it's not necessarily a definitive goodbye, it will be time to let go of that season.

So today, I'm thankful to be back in Indiana. For partnership meetings that are intentional and an opportunity to be with people we like and love so much. For celebrations and vacations and conferences. For churches that are praying and excited for New Zealand and the Well. For people and relationships and community. For a God that created us to be in relationships.


  1. Thanks for your gratitude. Transitions are awesome because you realize how much beauty is in EVERYTHING: people, places, seasons, memories, moments, lessons, etc. Thanks for sharing and writing. You're good at helping us see the sacredness of life in all its complexities and layers and seasons. Hopefully see you soon! - Mike Conner

  2. thanks mike for your kind, encouraging words. couldn't agree more. and why aren't you blogging more? get on it. see you when you move back to marion! (when is that, btw?)

  3. Probably the last day or second to last day of August. Will you still be around??

  4. ....and I'm a bad blogger :(