Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my favorite sporting events

1. Olympics
2. X-Games
3. World Cup (especially Women's)

Really wish I could sit in front of a television for these two weeks. But girl has things to do. Praise God for visas and plane tickets. We are going to New Zealand. So thankful for prayers and encouragement from our churches, friends, and families.


  1. You weren't born yet, but rumor has it that dad and mom finally broke down and bought a television in order to watch the Olympics. The facts are a bit fuzzy, not sure the make and model of the TV, and I can't remember if it was for the 1984 or the 1988 Olympics, in any case, pretty cool story. Buying a TV to watch the Olympics is very punk rock. More punk rock than #NBCFail but not as punk rock as you two Wesleyan love birds moving to NZ to minster to CC! Visas and plane tickets, woo hoo!!!

  2. 4 years ago...we spent HOURS in a paper mache mess while watching the Olympics on 3rd floor NHC East.

  3. Yay for visas and plane tickets! Can't wait to have you here!!! (we could be watching the Olympics together :))

  4. curt, i asked mom about it, and she confirmed. she said they were given an old tv from a friend. love that story.

    court, remember those weeks fondly. sorry for making you help with that stinkin' project that was against fire code. whoops. love you.

    jamie, don't worry we can watch the winter olympics in two years :) the only issue is, i told logan last night, that clint might get frustrated with me. i get super greedy for the usa. especially australia vs. usa in swimming. usa. usa. miss you, friend. see you in a month & 4 days!