Friday, August 3, 2012


Since returning to Indiana, we started raising support for the Well. Understandably, most people ask with an inquisitive but usually more I feel bad for you face, "How's that going?" By all means, if you asked me in New Jersey about it, I had that look. I had that uncertainty. I was nervous.

It seems silly but the other day, while watching the Olympics, the commentators were talking about a gymnast and said, "You know a lot of these girls feel anxiety and stress. But this girl channels those nerves into excitement." Whether or not that seems cheesy, it has been challenging. God is correcting my thoughts. God wants that for us.

So, how has it been going? Of course, Logan and I find ourselves tired and stretched. But by far, we are more encouraged than we could imagine. These opportunities to share the vision and the work that has already begun in New Zealand fill our hearts. I'm amazed by the hope and peace I feel after meetings. To feel so overwhelmed by generosity. It's more than raising a financial sum. It's relational. It's unique. It's kingdom work.

The conversations that we've had, the wisdom and encouragement from others, the excitement and interest, is a blessing. It is a gift. Thank God for His Spirit that leads. Thank God for individuals who believe in the church. Thank God for people of faith. Thank God for people who generously and freely give. Thank God for you, for those who have and want to meet with us.

One of the most special moments was last night, sharing with my grandparents the importance of their faith and how that has enriched my life. "We have and will always pray for you," they said. To be able to affirm that wherever I go, wherever I am, I take their Spirit and faith with me.

That is the essence of every meeting. To partner, to carry the Spirit that unifies us, to share the hope. To carry the faith of those here in the States that care about the spiritual condition of New Zealand is a blessing not just a burden. We carry every partner's prayers for the individuals and community of Christchurch. To be a church that experiences and expresses God's love. That is God's Kingdom.


  1. I totally saw that part in the Olympics. Totally.

    You're going to be utterly taken care of overseas. Definitely. :)

  2. I had no doubt God would provide since it was evident from the start that God called you both to ChCh! I'm so excited to see how God will use you both during your time in NZ!

  3. Last night after Gabby won the gold, the commentator asked her the secret of her success. This is the second time during these games that I have seen her give credit to God for her success. During the team competition, she told a commentator that God calms her and gives her peace through the stress of preparation. That made me think of you & Logan. This is preparation time, and NZ is the Olympics! I know it can be stressful at times, but the end result is so rewarding when you are in God's will. I have never questioned for a moment that your call is from God. He has provided so much already, and I am overwhelmed at His generosity and grace in your life! Love You Love You Love You!