Tuesday, September 11, 2012

God cares

Five days. We've lived in New Zealand for five days. I'm already amazed by God at work, encouraged and needing him more than ever. Beautiful people, beautiful city. We've been welcomed and loved.

We feel that what we're doing isn't any different than what all Christians should be doing. Engaging in God's kingdom here and now. It just happens to be in Christchurch. Our role would be the same in the states. To live according to hope and love. We can't rescue Christchurch - that's not why we're here. No, but "people find hope when the people of God find them" (Pastor DeNeff). That's my daily. To be an agent of grace and healing. To find opportunities to listen, to love, to care, to support. Christ wasn't the end. He was the beginning and invites us to join him. He's put His hope in his church. Pretty amazing.

So we find ourselves loving our time thus far. Opportunity to paint and clean a building that will love on the kids in its community. Meeting with the small group for the first time. Time spent dreaming. Learning and listening. Observing beautiful acts of love from those we know and are getting to know. Small steps.
"If all the world believed the truth of God's character -- that God cares -- wouldn't this world become a caring place?" (Ann Voskamp)


  1. I agree, so beautifully put. Love you and always praying. Keep living the Kingdom.

  2. thanks court and kayla. love you both.