Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's really different experiencing spring in September. Even though I'm missing out on pumpkin lattes, I'm still wearing scarves because it's freezing compared to this past Midwest summer. Changing seasons.

Today I went with a friend to the Lyttleton Market. Lovely to see the differences and similarities, new and familiar. Plus, Lyttleton is drop dead gorgeous like the rest of New Zealand. We bought pies and pastries and ate at a park overlooking Corsair Bay. It was good.

After lazy Saturday naps, Logan and I biked to Hagley Park, hoping we didn't miss the daffodil woodlands and mangolia trees. Seriously, the park is beautiful. Like Central Park, you hear the noises of a city, but get lost in nature. It's a good place. I hope we find ourselves there often.

It's starting to settle in this is no longer a waiting season. Of course, we're waiting for preview services and launch of the church. But there is also a tremendous amount of things to be done. Time to be active. Trying to rejoice in God's provision: jobs, car. Trying not to be discouraged by: rentals, time. Reminding myself: present over perfect.

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