Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Remembering all the prayers for this church. Realizing the journeys that led these individuals to this moment. Reflecting over a month ago the uncertainty of when this service would happen. To find a place, to plan and organize, to meet and invite.

God is neat. I love how he intertwines stories and dreams, hopes and hearts. Connecting us to him and each other. His provision, his calling. Humbled he could use us, inviting us into his story for the world, desires us to be agents of his grace. Thankful for those who came, excited for them.

To be able to look back at how he has come before and to find comfort that he will remain throughout the unknown, celebrations, any bumps and fears. Praying he is glorified, nothing of our own strength, but testimony of his Spirit that unifies us.


  1. When you gonna write a book?

    So happy for you and Logan. Miss y'all!

    1. thanks, mike. as always, very encouraging. hope you're well, and senior year too. need to get you and zach on skype! miss you, friend.