Sunday, November 18, 2012

quick week

Last week flew. Hard to believe we were in Auckland a week ago. Such fun to meet our church family on the north island. Tears saying goodbye to the PAC team. This week flew. Experienced my first show day on Friday.  It's like the state fair without deep fried oreos and elephant ears but with wood chopping and sheep sheering.

Yesterday was spent in my favorite greenhouse. Loving these reject orchids, which we shared at a market, inviting strangers to church. "Can I have a pink one for my husband's grave?" she asked. To comfort with a simple stem, but wanting to do more. Desperately wanting to hear her story, to love through listening, and share God's love for her. Who knows, maybe we'll get another chance. As for tonight, I pray for hope and stirring of hearts. For all the people with orchids in their homes that they might find life.

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