Friday, February 15, 2013

launch & lent

We started Sunday with launching weekly services for our church. It was fun, lots of visitors from our sister churches in Auckland, full worship band (electric & acoustic guitar, drums and three singers, living the dream), and after service BBQ. In case you forgot, kids love bouncy castles, like seriously freak out.

Lent surprised me, but excited to re-read through N.T. Wright's series on Matthew. Today's reading so fitting:

"...God always wanted humans to be part of the action, not just spectators. God made humans to reflect his image -- his presence, his love, his plans -- into the world... What should the church be doing today that would make people realize that 'heaven' is actually in charge here and now? When we find the answer to that question, there will be lots more spectators -- and, we may hope, lots more players too." 

Reflecting on what that looks like in this season, really thankful for all those players, past and present that have blessed my faith. Those models of living and giving. I can't imagine being on this journey without the overwhelming support and prayers of our churches in the States and Auckland. Humbling and amazing. Word feels small, but thank you again for praying and encouraging.

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